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Starter Pack Fire Drill


Ages: 4+

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Rescue, extinguish, recover, protect – the fire crew looks after the community in so many ways! To make sure they’re ready for anything, the firefighters must keep up with their training, practicing drills and possible rescue scenarios. Exercises include extinguishing burning barrels and a flaming wrecked car. In an attempt to bring the blaze under control, the firefighter uses the portable foam sprayer to target the fire’s source, while his fellow crew member guides his efforts. This PLAYMOBIL Fire Drill Starter Pack is an ideal introduction to the exciting PLAYMOBIL City Action world, where kids can become everyday heroes at the heart of the action. Combine this set with the PLAYMOBIL Fire Station (#9462 – sold separately) for even more fire-fighting missions. Set includes two firefighters, a wrecked car, three barrels with attachable flames, fire-extinguishing cannon with foam projectiles, safety gear, gloves, helmets, and other accessories. Car Wreck Dimensions (without flames): 9.3 x 3.9 x 1.8 in (LxWxH).




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