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Playfoal Pals Snowy Friends


Ages: 5+

SKU: 086002004659 Availability: In stock


Chill out and open a world of Playfoam to find a collectible Pal inside. Hidden within each snow globe, you will find a mystery collectible (and totally adorable) polar animal Pal. Use Playfoam, the squishy stuff that never dries out, to create everything your Pal needs, again and again. Collect all 12 and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find the rare snowman named Sven! Ready? Set. PLAYFOAM! Possible Color Transfer: Playfoam may transfer color stain to fabric, carpet, and plastic. Keep away from open flame. Snowy Friends include penguin, polar bear, walrus, white rabbit, harp seal, seal, arctic fox, reindeer, husky dog, snow owl, snowman, snowwoman.

Includes one snowglobe with playfoam and one surprise pal. Playfoam color varies.


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