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Good Dough – Strawberry


Scent: Strawberry

Color: Fuchsia

Size: 5oz

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Introducing Good Dough, from Adventure Awaits!

Good Dough is velvety soft and squishy, and made to last. If you forget to put it away quickly, don’t worry! This dough doesn’t turn into a rock as fast as that other dough. Even if you leave it out overnight, Good Dough will still have plenty of squish left in it. And for dry edges or salt crystals, just mix in a dab of water. Strawberry Good Dough’s color may morph slightly if stored in light, but returns to normal after kneading a bit.

The best part? Good Dough is SCENTED! And, Good Dough may not taste great, but it is made with all edible ingredients and it is taste safe! So much sensory fun!

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Cream of Tartar, Sunflower Oil, Flavor Oil, Food Coloring



Good Dough


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