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Flashtrack Race Track Set


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Let your little racer experience the joys and thrills of a unique racetrack! Flashtrack is a STEM toy for kids that enjoy expressing their creativity and building challenges, making learning fun.

Set up your track with extravagantly designed race themed glow in the dark stickers to put the Flash in Flashtrack! With a fully flexible and easy-to-assemble track system, your unique set can curve, ride and slope down furniture and other toys!

Amazing adventures, easy to assemble and glows in the dark!

Combine all our sets to create a huge and glow in the dark ultimate racetrack! Race your friends & family with your collection and build your master track.

What’s included:
Carton Box
Illustrated Instruction Booklet
Decorating Glow In The Dark Sticker Pack
1 TV Stand & Sticker Set
2 AA Batteries
144 Track Pcs
1 Plastic Loop Set
1 Race Car
1 Bridge & Sticker Set
1 Pack of Signs & Stickers




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