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Epoch Early Inventors


Players: 1-4

Play Time: 90-150 minutes

Ages: 12+

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Epoch: Early Inventors takes you back to the start of civilization. Players begin the game by building a landscape out of hexagonal cards and holy places. On their turn players can carry out one action, develop one card, and/or make one offering to a holy place. Actions include gather food, fish (for food), hunt for deer, butcher deer, explore adjacent cards, or work to get raw materials. Different actions take different resources. For example to move around the board takes food. Making an offering takes raw materials, as does developing a card. Once developed you can use the tool, equipment, or knowledge on the card. Your goal is to move around the board gathering as many resources as you can to build up your civilization so you can make the most offerings to the holy places and increasing your status. The player at the end with the most status wins.


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