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Deluxe Magnetic Travel Chess


Players: 2

Age: 6+

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This magnetic beechwood chess board is made for travel. The board is small enough to travel but big enough to play comfortably. It also folds in half, and small magnets hold it together. The inside features quality foam, which fits every piece securely. The outside features a light magnetic attraction so pieces remain in place while traveling. Bumpy roads and turbulence won’t ruin your games. Our comprehensive instructions also explain the objective of chess and how to move every piece on a chessboard. This two-player strategy game will keep children entertained on planes, buses, cars and more without using screens! For ages 6+. Size of board: 11.6″L x 11.6″W. Size of each piece: King: 2.6″L; Queen: 2.4″L; Bishop: 2.1″L; Knight: 1.7″L; Rook: 1.5″L; Pawn: 1.4″L.


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