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Coral Islands


Players: 1-4

Play Time: 15-45 minutes

Ages: 8+

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Coral Islands is the 2-in-1 game featuring 2 competitive games utilizing dice stacking as the prominent mechanic. Players are tasked with conservation efforts to repopulate coral as well as redevelop islands to make them conducive to animal life.

Coral sees players repopulate a shared coral reef using colorful translucent dice. Players take turns stacking dice on the board aiming to score points by completing structure cards. Players also earn tokens representing the fish that live in the reef. This allows them to manipulate their dice, or even place two dice on the same turn. This allows for a variety of strategic choices. Do you pursue the easier low scoring structures, or the higher scoring more difficult ones? Do you try to score points now or focus on getting fish tokens for more flexibility later on? Sparking players to think in 3 dimensions, Coral creates a gameplay experience that feels fresh and unique. The player who earns the most points by completing structures before placing all 16 of their dice is the winner!

In Islands, players move around the different islands trying to reclaim lost land caused by rising sea levels. Players thus take the roles of conservation charities. The different colored dice represent different geology of the islands. Each round players take 3 land cards which allows them to move around an archipelago segment. Players then take and keep one of the cards from the stack to indicate their geological specialism. This allows them to move one of the dice on the archipelago a number of times based on the height of the stack of cards. Dice are continually moved around this way until the end of the game. Players with the highest specialisms can claim the most mountainous lands to score prestige points. The player with the highest prestige wins!


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